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The Graduate Health & Life Sciences Research Library at Georgetown University Medical Center

Current Awareness

This guide will provide a variety of tools for staying current in different health sciences fields.

Search RSS Feeds

Some databases, such as PubMed MEDLINE, Ovid MEDLINE, and CINAHL, allow the creation of a feed based off of particular searches or search strategies. First, sign in with personal account information and then create a a search. 

Using a search on Leukocytes, here is an example of how to create an RSS feed on Ovid MEDLINE: 


RSS Feed in Ovid-Go to More and select Create RSS

Below search history, select Create RSS. Then, rename the search to something meaningful and save.






Save search history will create a live RSS FeedSelect the small, orange RSS Feed icon in order to add it to particular feed readers.  













In PubMed: RSS Feed link underneath the search box

Create a search and select Create RSS, from below the search line, in order to view RSS settings. Edit the Feed Name and select Create RSS. 






Example search to create RSS field on the right

Select Create RSS in order to view a screen similar to the one below. Select the (undefined) icon in order to add it to a feed reader.









If you wish to add the RSS Feed link to someplace else, click on "Copy"    after select "create RSS" your link is below and you can copy that link

to have the link displayed

In the DML Discover tool:

Create a search in the Discover tool.View the DML Discover RSS feed tool

Use the filters on the left in order to narrow your search to include or

exclude information. 

On the bottom left, under the filters, see the RSS tool.






Select the RSS tool to be taken to the feed page where you can copy and

paste the feed into your needed reader or subscribe.