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Dahlgren Memorial Library

Creating Dashboards with Google Data Studio

Use this guide to follow along during DML's Google Data Studio Workshop

Insert Bubble Chart

Click "Add a chart" and select the bubble chart. Drag the square to whatever size you wish your chart to be. 

Set Chart Metrics

Set chart metrics using the options on the right side of the screen. Most metrics can be changed by dragging and dropping the fields into the desired metric. These are the options used for this exercise, but you can experiment with the options to explore the data in different ways. 

Data tab:

  • Dimension - Effect Size, Condition
  • Metric X - Effect  Size
  • Metric Y - Number of Citations
  • Bubble Size - Google Popularity
  • Sort - Google Popularity 

Style Tab:

  • Bubble Color - Condition
  • Color By - Dimension Values

These dimensions will create a map with effect size on the X axis and the number of citations on the Y axis. Bubbles higher up have more articles in the literature, and bubbles further to the right have stronger evidence. Bubble size represents public interest in acupuncture for this condition, as measured by the number of Google results on this topic. Bubble size can also be used to represent confidence intervals if you harvest confidence interval data.