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Dahlgren Memorial Library

Creating Dashboards with Google Data Studio

Use this guide to follow along during DML's Google Data Studio Workshop

Time Series Analysis

Click "Insert -- Time Series Analysis" and draw box for chart.

Under the Data tab, use the average of Mortality Rate as a metric. 

time series analysis

Set preferences in "Style" tab to achieve a trend line illustrating decline. 

style for trend line


Click "Insert -- Table" and draw the table. Drag the columns you want to display to the "metric" section. 

 table set up


Use the "Style" tab to change font and background. Cell colors can be changed to heatmaps using the "Columns" section.

table heat map

Bar Charts

Click "Insert -- Bar Chart"

Drag "90-15 % Change" to the metric area. 

setting metrics

Use the style tab to change colors, orientation, and the number of rows being shown. Set "Axis Min" and "Axis Max" to 0 to display positive and negative changes. 

set axes