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Dahlgren Memorial Library

Creating Dashboards with Google Data Studio

Use this guide to follow along during DML's Google Data Studio Workshop

Navigate to Data Studio

Connect Dataset

Click "Data Sources"

add data source


Click the blue + icon. Click through setup and Terms and Conditions. 

Rename your dataset to something recognizable at the top of the page. Click on "Google Sheets" as your connector. 

connect to Google Sheets


Authorize connection to your Google Drive account. Select the dataset and the "MMR" worksheet and click "connect".  You can only connect one worksheet at time to Data Studio, so the rest of our worksheet tabs won't be imported.  

connect to data



Verify Data Types

Verify the data types for each column. Change "Contient" from Text to "Geo -- Continent". This will be helpful for mapping later.  Click "Create Report".

verify data