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Creating Dashboards with Google Data Studio

Use this guide to follow along during DML's Google Data Studio Workshop

Creating a Covid-19 Dashboard Using Johns Hopkins University Data

The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dataset is often referenced in the media and is an authoritative source data related to the epidemic. You can make your own COVID-19 dashboard using the data JHU has made freely available through Google BigQuery. This module will show you how to set up a dashboard in Data Studio that will automatically update every time JHU publishes new data.

Project Setup

BigQuery is Google's cloud platform for hosting and analyzing large datasets. Although BigQuery is a paid service, query and hosting of public COVID datasets is free for educational and research purposes. You will need to create a project within BigQuery to enable Data Studio to connect to the public datasets. See the documentation from Google for instructions on how to create a new project in your Google Cloud console

sample project setup image