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Dahlgren Memorial Library

Creating Dashboards with Google Data Studio

Use this guide to follow along during DML's Google Data Studio Workshop

Insert World Map

Click "insert -- Geo Map". Place the map below your time series graphs. Select "deaths" or "confirmed cases" the metric to map. If you would like users to be able to toggle the map between both metrics, use the "optional metrics" option again. Choose your map's color scheme in the "style" section of the chart options menu. 

choose map color

Insert Heat Map Table

Click "Insert -- Table". Drag "SUM - confirmed cases" and "SUM - deaths" to the "metrics" column. You can add additional metrics if you want to display more data. 

In the Style tab, click "conditional formatting." For "color type: choose "color scale".  For "format based on" select "deaths."  For "color and style", choose the color scale that makes the most sense for your data. Leave the percentage rules in the default setting, or customize them to your preferences. Click "save" to set your heat map preferences. You can add different scales for each column of your table.


Use the "Drill down" option to allow users to interact with both country-level and state-level data. Add both "country_region" and "province_state" to the "Dimension" column. Toggle "drill down" on. Set "default drill down level" to "country_region". 

heat map settings