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Dahlgren Memorial Library

Creating Dashboards with Google Data Studio

Use this guide to follow along during DML's Google Data Studio Workshop

Select Colors, Theme, and Preferences

Give your dashboard a title. Select the color theme of your preference on the right. For this example, we wil use the "Edge" theme. You can also create a custom color scheme and adjust your layout preferences. For this example, we are using the default layout settings for the "US letter : Landscape" page size. 

page setup for covid dashboard

Insert Key Metrics

Insert a text box to add a title. Insert Scorecards to highlight statistics that are of the most interest to you. For this example, we will highlight the total number of confirmed cases, deaths, and recovered cases.

Because JHU publishes new totals daily, we need to adjust the date range on our scorecard metrics to ensure accuracy. Change the "default date range" for each scorecard from "auto" to "custom." Select "Yesterday" or "Today" to ensure your dashboard is always displaying recently published numbers. Use the Style options for each scorecard to adjust the colors. 


insert metrics