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The Graduate Health & Life Sciences Research Library at Georgetown University Medical Center

DML Computers, Printers and Copiers

This guide contains information on computers, printers and copiers at Dahlgren Memorial Library

Printing in the library

Dahlgren has black/white and color printers connected to the computers in the lobby and in the BACC (on the Lower Level). GOCard is required for printing. The prices for printing/copying are located on the printers. Non-GOCard holders can get a printing/copying card from a deposit station. Find GOCard deposit stations here. These devices also offer a scanning function that can be used to scan and email documents for free.

Visitor Printing

Visitor access to Dahlgren Memorial Library is not available at this time.

Wireless Printing

GoCard Services

GOCard holders can add funds for printing to their GOCard online with a credit card at the GOCard site.

Non-GOCard holders can get a printing/copying card from a deposit station. Find GOCard deposit stations here.

Troubleshooting Printers

If a DML multifunction device is not printing or scanning properly, please ask the IS Desk staff member to assist. During unstaffed hours, please complete the technology troubleshooting form to report a problem printing or scanning to a DML multifunction device.

PDF/PPT printing

Documents in these formats can be large files.  If you are printing a Powerpoint presentation, please do not alter the slides because it will cause a delay in your printing of the document. Wait time for printing these types of documents may take up to 30 minutes.

Note: Please only download through Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

PDF/PPT slides in Canvas

Save the file to the desktop then open the documents and print.

Double-sided Printing

First, you can click File in the toolbar at the top of the application, then Print. For some applications, you can just hold the CTRL and P key at the same time, and the print menu you should come up.

* If you are using Firefox on the kiosks in the lobby, simply click the printer icon to the left of the URL bar.

*When the print menu opens up, you need to select the print queue you want from the drop down menu.

There will be two options:

  • GU Monochrome- Black and White
  • GU Color

*Click on Properties.

*Now the menu with more specific printer properties will pop up.  You can select 2- sided printing.  Click OK for the printer properties menu. If you make no other customizations, you are ready to print the document.  

*Press OK on the print menu, and your print job will be sent to the queue


The GOCard Office will provide refunds if:

  • The printer could not complete a job because of an inadequate paper supply, a jam, a mechanical failure, or a Pharos error.
  • The document text, because of low toner or cartridge failure, is faded to the point of illegibility.
  • The document is otherwise damaged or has illegible text.
  • To get a refund, send email to help@georgetown with the following information:    
    • Your first and last name.                           
    •   UID Number (9-digit number on the front of your GOCard).                                                          
    • Date and approximate time of the requested print issue.                                                           
    •  Number of misprinted pages.

If your GOCard was debited but your document did not print, you can either contact the Georgetown Service Center at 202-687-4949 or visit the UIS Service Desks located in the Leavey Center bookstore.