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Canvas Integration and DML Resources

The LTI Manual Tool helps librarians and course coordinators to embed curated DML Research Guide resources into Canvas so students have access to library materials without having to exit Canvas.


To add DML Research Guide content using the LTI Manual Tool into a Canvas site, the Modules functionality must be used instead of a plugin within HTML or Rich Content editors.

  1. Go to the DML homepage and select Research Guides
  2. Select the guide of interest and note the Research guide name
  3. Note the Research guide page name

Next, open the Canvas site for the course ( and follow the steps below in order to add the LTI Manual Tool:

  1. Go to Modules
  2. Go to Add modules by clicking the “+” sign
  3. Add a name to the module
  4. Select the “+” sign to add content to the module
  5. At the options area at the top, change Assignment to Add “External Tool” from the drop-down menu
  6. Choose “DML Library Guides” from the list of options
  7. From “Link Resource from External Tool, LibApps Library Content Selection” Under LibGuides Site, select Guides
  8. Under Content type, select “Single Page” from the Guides & Guide Content
  9. Under Guide, select the needed guide, for example the “Medical Students Resources Guide “
  10. From the Guide Page drop down menu, select needed guide page, for example, “Foundational phase”
  11. Select “Embed Content” once finished
  12. On the next screen, select “Add item”
  13. Go back to the module section on the Canvas site and select the external tool that was just added, for example, “Medical Student Resources guide: Foundational Phase (M1 + M2)”
  14. From the LibApps Library Content Selection, select “View content” to see what the students see