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Open Access Publishing and Resources

Guide to open access content and publishing, including NIH Public Access requirements


FOAM (sometimes called FOAMed) stands for Free Open Access Meducation and is a collection of open access medical education resources created to augment traditionally published educational materials such as textbooks and journal articles.  FOAM materials are often related to emergency medicine and  can be ‚Äč videos, blogs, tweets, podcasts, documents, charts etc.  FOAM content is created by individuals or groups and may or may not be peer reviewed.  


Recent articles about FOAM

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Evaluating FOAM content

As with all open access content, readers should critically evaluate information provided via FOAM.    Some factors to note:

  • Is it peer reviewed?

  • Are citations and references provided?

  • Is the information current?

  • Who is providing the information?  

  • Does the content appear to be biased or inaccurate?

As FOAM is a relatively new movement,  metrics to evaluate the content are being developed and discussed  within the FOAM community.  Some examples: