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RefWorks Guide

This guide will provide you with a more in-depth look at the New RefWorks bibliographic management tool.

Institutional Login and RCM

How to create an alternative password: 

Login to your RefWorks account using your institutional login.

Select Settings from the drop down menu under your name.

Scroll down to Alternate Password and click on Set alternate Password

Enter a new password and click Save.


You can now login to RefWorks Citation Manager using the email address and alternate password

RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) Microsoft Word 2016 and Above

RefWorks Citation Manager is the new in-text citation tool that you can use if you have Microsoft 2016 for either Mac or PC, Microsoft 2019, or Word Online. With the PC, please keep in mind that you can have both Write N Cite and RefWorks Citation Manager downloaded at the same time. If you have any older documents that you may have already begun in Write N Cite, continue to use Write N Cite. If you have new documents, please try using RefWorks Citation Manager. Do not try to use both on the same document as they do not communicate. 

In order to begin the process of downloading RefWorks Citation Manager, please go to the More icon across the top and select Tools from the dropdown menu. 

Scroll Down to Cite in Microsoft Word and on the right select View Instructions to Download to download from the Word Store.  

Installing RefWorks Citation Manager through the Word Store

Then, follow the directions provided to download it onto your Microsoft Word 2016, 2019, or Word Online. 

Once you have added RefWorks Citation Manager, go to View and select Add-In. From the Add-In dropdown menu select My Add-Ins to find Refworks Citation Manager. Select RefWorks Citation Manager to finish the process and sign-in to your RefWorks account. 

sign in to your RefWorks account


Adding in-text citations

In order to add in-text citations, please open either a paper in progress or a new document. 

Then, place your cursor where you would like to place an in-text citation. Then, go to the RefWorks Citation Manager. Next, select the folder you will need. Note that the Default folder is "All References". From the list of citations, scroll to find the needed citation. 

Select Cite This in order to add it as an in-text citation. You can do this for as many citations as needed.

Cite this to add an in-text citation

If you would prefer a different citation format, go to the More icon next to by date added and select Change citation Style. From there, go through the process of selecting the needed style. For the image above, APA was selected. The following image is of the Journal of Cell Biology citation format. Notice the change in the in-text style:

Edit Citation style

Creating a Bibliography

With RefWorks Citation Manager, you have the option to allow your bibliography to be inserted as you add in-text citations. The default is "off". If, you toggle "on" you will notice that as you insert in-text citations, the bibliography is automatically created for you:  

Automatically generated bibliography

As you change the Style format of your in-text citations, your bibliography will also update automatically:

automatic style changes occurr

Editing In-text Citations and Bibliographies

If you decide to remove or edit an in-text citation you will want to make sure that those changes are reflected in your Bibliography as well. 

For example, the image below shows the removal of the third citation but the Bibliography has not been updated. 

Bibliography not up to date

In order to ensure that the Bibliography has been updated, please go to the More icon located next to the Sort By options. From the drop down option select Update document. Once you select Update document, your Bibliography will be automatically updated. 

Bibliography automatically updated