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RefWorks Guide

This guide will provide you with a more in-depth look at the New RefWorks bibliographic management tool.

Viewing Duplicates

Viewing and removing duplicates is another great tool at your disposal when managing your citations. This is especially useful when searching multiple databases as you may pick up the same or very similar citations more than once. 

In order to remove duplicates, first, select the folder you wish to find duplicates within, then go to the More icon across the top of the screen, and select Find Duplicates.

Go to tools, select Duplicates from drop down


You will be redirected to the Find Duplicate References page. Here, you will have the option to find your duplicates one of three ways.

Those three options are:

  • Exact Match-where the data between one or more citations must match exactly. 
  • Close Match-where the data is weighted for their similarity.
  • Legacy Match- "Close" matching algorithm from Legacy RefWorks,

Once you choose the option you wish, select Find Duplicates. 

If you have duplicates, you will see the duplicates from that folder both the original and duplicate. The duplicate will be selected.  

Once you have checked and determined all the citations selected are in fact duplicates, select the Trash​ icon located across the top of the screen. You will need to select the Remove from Folder option to remove duplicates from the folder or Delete if the duplicates were not in a folder. 

See the duplicates and select trash to remove from folder

Be aware, that you are only removing the duplicates from your folder when you select "remove from folder". When you select "delete", the duplicates will be in the trash. To remove them from your personal library completely, go to the Delete or Trash icon and delete them.