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RefWorks Guide

This guide will provide you with a more in-depth look at the New RefWorks bibliographic management tool.


One in-text citation tool used for Microsoft suites is the WriteNCite tool. This tool is available for 2016 Office suites and below for both PCs and Macs. This tool looks slightly different from RefWorks Citation Manager, the tool for 2016 Microsoft Suites or higher, and the Google Add-on.

In order to download WriteNCite, go to the More option and select Tools. Then, within the Cite in Microsoft word section, select WriteNCite. Follow the directions provided by RefWorks to go through the download process and install it on Word.

Next, either open a new document or a working document and sign into WriteNCite.

Log in with RefWorks

This is what the WriteNCite toolbar looks like in a new Word document:

Write N Cite Ribbon 

Adding In-text citations within WriteNCite

In order to insert an in-text citation, start by placing your cursor next to the sentence you wish to cite. Then, go to the toolbar and select the drop down arrow next to the first search box in order to choose a citation. Select the down arrows next to the folder you need in order to pick the needed citation. Once you choose the citation you will see it pop up in the Preview Citation section. Then, select Save to add the citation into your paper. 

insert a reference from Write N Cite

In this example, the style chosen is AMA format which makes in-text citations as supernumeraries rather than text. 

Example citation

If you wish to change the format of the in-text citation, select the down arrow next to the format search bar. You will be able to either choose a recent style or choose from a longer list of citation styles.

insert a citation within a word document

The following image shows the Journal of Cell Biology format, which does not create footnotes, but in-text citations.

execute in-text citation

Create Bibliography within WriteNCite

After you have included some in-text citations for your new or in-progress research, most likely you will want to create a bibliography as well. 

First, select where you would like the bibliography to go on the paper. Then, from the toolbar, select the leftmost blue book icon, next to the format style you have chosen. It should say "insert bibliography". All of the in-text citations used will populate within the Bibliography where you selected on your paper.

Write n Cite Bibliography

Editing In-text Citations and Bibliographies within WriteNCite

If you decide to remove or edit an in-text citation you will want to make sure that those changes are reflected in your Bibliography as well. 

For example, the third citation has been removed from the in-text citation and the Bibliography hasn't updated. 

Removed citation example of reformatting bibliography

In order to update the Bibliography, go to the leftmost Blue book icon. It should state "Remove Bibliography".

Write n Cite Ribbon

You should see that your Bibliography has been removed. Select the icon again to "Add Bibliography". This will upload your Bibliography wth only those used citations. 

Add Bibliography

Adding a new citation style to your Write N Cite Library

In order to add a new Citation Style to the list of Favorites in Write N Cite, follow the steps below: 
Starting from RefWorks: 
1. Go to "View" at the bottom right corner 
2. Select the gear next to "Citation View"
3. Search for the needed style within "Search for style"
4. Select it and then select "Save" at the bottom
5. Go back to the gear next to Citation View and make sure it is listed as Most Recent styles
Citation Settings
Then, go into your Word Document and open RefWorks:
1. Go to RefWorks tab
2. If you haven't already, make sure to Logout and Log back in again. 
3. Select the option to "Sync my Database"
4. Once it has synced, go to "Style"
5. Your new style should be listed under It should be listed under 
"Recent Style"

Synced new style with WriteNCite