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The Graduate Health & Life Sciences Research Library at Georgetown University Medical Center

RefWorks Guide

This guide will provide you with a more in-depth look at the New RefWorks bibliographic management tool.

Icon Orientation

Upon registering for an account and signing in, you will be able to enter your personal RefWorks database. The database will have two sets of icons, one on the left and one across the top. 

Along the left, you will see the following icons:

All References-the default listing of citations in your database

Search Databases-DO NOT USE. Databases can be found on DML's homepage ( 

Last Imported-where you will see a list of all your citations in order of most recent to least

Duplicates-Allows users to find duplicate references within a project

Sharing-where you have the option to share your citations with colleagues

My Folders-where you can create folders to store citations

Tags-where you can create tags which will help you search your citations

Delete-The deleted citations folder is where you will find citations you have either deleted or removed from folders 


Across the top: 

RefWorks Project options

Tabs across the top of RefWorks

Project-where you can create or select different projects

Add icon-where you can add references 

Folder icon-assign selected references to other folders

Share and export icon-where you can share with others

Create a Bibliography icon-where you can create a bibliography for your citations

Delete references icon-This allows you to delete specific references

More icon-where you can find more management tools

Search icon-where you can search for citations in your personal collection