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Dahlgren Memorial Library

RefWorks Guide

This guide will provide you with a more in-depth look at the New RefWorks bibliographic management tool.

Searching your citation library

A great tool to have for your personal citation library is the search function. This is useful if you are unable to remember where you have placed a citation or are looking for a group of citations with similar subject tags.

You can do a basic search by selecting the magnification icon on the far right and doing a quick search within all documents.

search your folders and documents by going to the magnifying glass

Or you can use the Advanced Search function. In Advanced Search, you can Search Within a particular folder or a particular field. 

Advance search options. Select which folder to search inAdd a search term

Please note that the Search Database function does not search within DML's or the Main Campus library resources. Please go directly to either library's databases directly to search a database.