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The Graduate Health & Life Sciences Research Library at Georgetown University Medical Center

eBooks-Reading and Using

Welcome! This guide will help you interact with the eBooks in DML's collection.

In order to begin reading AccessMedicine eBooks and eBook chapters from your device online, please follow the steps below:

There are four textbooks available to you via the AccessMedicine app. Please follow the instructions below in order to view them from your device.

Begin by creating a free account. 

Once within DML's AccessMedicine collection, go to the Georgetown University tab, which is located on the top right corner, and select "Sign In or Create Free Account".  Then, once signed in, select "My Dashboard". You should have a screen similar to the one below. Note the "Sites Provided by section". Underneath AccessMedicine, should be the AccessMedicine App.:

AccessMedicine My Dashboard


Select the app option to view a screen similar to the one below:

Homepage of AccessMedicine app viewed on an iPad

You will want to go directly to either Google Play or the App Store on your device in order to download the AccessMedicine Application. 

Once the application is downloaded you should have a screen similar to the one below that shows you the 4 eBooks available to you, Quick Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Fitzpatrick's Clinical Dermatology, Diagnosaurus, and the Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests:

AccessMedicine app landing page

Choose any of the four texts to pick a chapter:  

Example text, Diagnosaurus Abdominal pain and rash

You will then see two windows side by side. The left side will be sections and the right window will have the content. Now, you can read this on your device while connected to the internet. 

Example text read offline Quick Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

The entire Access Medicine eBook collection can be also read online using the browser on your mobile device. Please follow the website directions below. 


Users can read or Bookmark eBooks within DML's subscription of AccessMedicine/AccessMedicine Neurology collection websites. 

Start the process by opening either collection and selecting the eBook you need. Then, expand the sections and select the chapter you need and begin reading:


Clinical Neuroanatomy- chapter 4- relationship between Neuroanatomy and Neurology

If you would like to learn how to bookmark eBooks or eBook chapters for later reading while online, please follow the steps below.

In order to bookmark an eBook or eBook chapter from the AccessMedicine/AccessMedicine Neurology collection, users must either sign in or register for a personal account. To either sign in or register, start by going to either collection. On the right hand side, you should see a box labeled "Georgetown University" with a drop-down arrow next to it. Click on the box to provided with the option to either sign in or register for a "Free MyAccess Profile" personal account:

Sign in or create a personal account


Your page will look similar to the image below once you have either registered or signed in:

Once you have signed in, select a chapter from an eBook that you need from either collection. Note that for each chapter and section, there is a "star" icon. Select the "Star" icon to add the chapter to My Favorites and bookmark it for later. On the right, underneath "MyAccess", a brief explanation is provided regarding "My Favorites". Select a chapter, image, table, or section to see it listed underneath the "My Favorites" section on the right. Please also note the option to "View all favorites":

My Access

Select "View All Favorites" if you have selected multiple chapters, images, tables, or sections. As a note, you will need to sign into your "My AccessMedicine account" each time in order to view your "Bookmarked" materials online:

Viewing favorites