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The Graduate Health & Life Sciences Research Library at Georgetown University Medical Center

eBooks-Reading and Using

Welcome! This guide will help you interact with the eBooks in DML's collection.

Mobile Device

In order to view eBooks and eBook chapters online via your device, please begin by downloading the uCentral app using the steps below:

Start at the uCentral page, which should look like the image below:

Website of uCentral

Then, select the "Mobile" option that sits between "Medline" and "Grasp":

Top Ribbon find "Mobile" option

Then, either "Register" or "Sign In". Once you've signed in, you will see a screen similar to the one below:

Registering or Signing in after selecting "Mobile"

Select "Download" and follow the directions from there. You will want to then go to your device and either go to Google Play or the App Store in order to finish the process. Once you have signed in to your mobile app, you will see a screen similar to the one below. Next, scroll through your options and select the needed eBook.:

There are 5 books available

 Select your needed eBook to view a screen similar to the one below:

example text of Diagnosaurus

To choose an eBook chapter, use the options on the left to explore. Now, you are able to view the eBook online on your device: 

example chapter from Diagnosaurus called Aggressive behavior


In order to begin the process of reading eBooks and eBook chapters online from the collection website, please follow the directions below:

First, go to DML's uCentral collection website and select your needed eBook. Select your needed eBook to see a similar screen to the one below:

Johns Hoplins ABX Guide


If you would like to learn how to bookmark eBook chapters for further reading on the website while connected to the internet, please follow the steps below:

Begin by either signing in or registering for a free personal account on the right and open th chapter you wish to read:   

Open a Chapter

Notice the icons on the right, next to the title of the text you have open. Select the bookmark or "star" icon, on the far right. 

Favorite the chapter by selecting star

Next, notice the options you have at the very top of the screen, right underneath the uCentral logo. Select "Favorites" next to "Home" and "Notes". Within "Favorites", you will find a list of all of the chapters you have saved for further reading. You will need to sign in every time in order to view your Bookmarked materials. 

list of favorited chapters from example